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This is the official website of Andrew Crowther....

.... author of the major biography Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan, and of darkly comic plays such as Welcome To Paradise, Funny Men and Working Lives: plays which have been performed and enjoyed in locations as diverse as Bradford, Leeds, Otley and Edinburgh.


[He is aware that every sod who writes describes their work as darkly comic, and would change that phrase if he could think of a better one that covers the facts. But he can't. Sorry.]

He is the acknowledged expert on the life and works of W.S. Gilbert. The Gilbert biography is his second book: his first was Contradiction Contradicted: The Plays of W.S. Gilbert (Associated University Presses, 2000). He has for many years preached, proselytised, argued and generally made himself annoying on the subject of Gilbert's literary and cultural importance. 
He sometimes refers to himself in the third person.


He's the Secretary of the W.S. Gilbert Society.


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